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2020: How Deep Questions Inspire Change

What did you learn from 2020? While the personal effects have been hard to ignore, it was an eye-opening year that encouraged change at both an individual and global scale. It highlighted the strengths and weakness we have as humans, communities, and ecosystems as a whole. Several of the systems we rely on most exposed their vulnerabilities and lack of resiliency - from economic to health and food systems. It can be challenging during these turbulent times, however, there is abundant opportunity for reflection, innovation, and growth all which can lead to positive change – personally and for the greater good.

Through reflection we have the opportunity to ask ourselves important questions. What is working? What isn’t? How can we improve ourselves, our communities, and even the interconnected systems we rely on? These questions encourage creativity and stimulate new ideas, possibilities, and opportunities that will shape our future. Innovation is the action we take to turn these ideas into reality. Is it time to encourage ourselves and communities to take action and make our dreams a reality?

Image by Matt Noble via Unsplash

During the first half of 2020 many of us spent more time at home with family and limited our physical interaction with the rest of the world. Some of us may have gone deeper by focusing our thoughts inward rather than relying on the external world for feedback and validation. This is where I found myself - having numerous existential dialogues while time traveling through my past and potential futures. I was curious about who I was and what I could become without all the noise, distractions, and expectations of who I “should be.” The conversation soon became less about who I was and more about who we are and have the potential to be as a community. How we can we work together to create a healthier and more resilient future?

These questions inspired me to approach life differently. To be authentic, to be curious, and to have the courage create something new. To create CultivateLAND, a boutique landscape architecture office that utilizes systems thinking, sustainable design, and regenerative practices to address complex social, economic, and environmental issues with a focus on placemaking, sustainability, and food system design. Together we can build healthier, better connected communities. CultivateLAND invites innovators, experts, and passionate individuals to work together to find solutions to the social, environmental, and economic challenges we face today. Follow us in our journey as we build more diverse, healthy, and resilient systems for our communities, cities, and planet.

Image by Clark Tibbs via Unsplash

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