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Core Values

These core values drive CultivateLAND’s culture, goals, decisions, and overall business strategy to best serve its clients, community, and environment.


Freedom to be Authentic

Freedom promotes authenticity and identity by allowing a project, person, or organization to express its true uniqueness and potential.

How can we create unique and authentic experiences to celebrate place, promote health, and find balance?

Curiosity to Question

Being curious leads to continual growth and learning as we seek answers to a project’s toughest questions.

Will asking ourselves more thoughtful questions lead to more meaningful solutions?

Courage to Innovate

A vision without action is merely a dream. It takes courage to explore ideas, questions, and processes to turn visions into reality.

Can innovation be used as a tool of change to bring positive impact to your project and society as a whole?

Optimize for Growth

Like the design process, projects rely on optimization for greater adaptability, improved efficiency, and higher quality results. 

How can we build your project at a higher quality, while providing a more unique experience and at a lower cost?

Collaborate for Quality

Collaboration is crucial to the creative process. Connecting and rearranging ideas encourages innovation and leads to well thought-out solutions.  

How can a diverse set of ideas generate new ideas while providing better long-term solutions for your project?

Balance for Health

A well-balanced project considers the built vs natural environment, social systems, and budgets to ensure the health and longevity of a project.

What evaluations, systems, and programming can be implemented to ensure balance health?

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