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Indigo: Cottages

Richmond, Texas


The Cottages at Indigo are located on a 1½  acre site adjacent to Indigo Commons, a vineyard, and a four-acre working community farm. These 17 units are the smallest single family home ranging from 800-1,400 square feet. While often perceived as small homes, these detached homes live large by having well-designed and efficient interiors. Access to shared green spaces including a communal fire pit, passive play nodes, and an outdoor dining area support weekday activities as well as larger community connections.  Proximity to the farm and Indigo Commons allow residents to live car-free by supporting access to food, community amenities, and retail shops.

"How do you create more livability in less space?"

Project Stats

Project Size:  

1.5 Acres

Project Type: 

New Community

Parks + Open Space

Scope : 

Schematic Design

Through Construction


Meristem Communities

Collaborators : 

Dahlin Group

Dudley Engineering

GK Engineers

Irri Design Studio

Odyssey Engineering 

Indigo Cottages_08.JPG

Higher Densities & Communal Amenities
Encourage Inclusive Neighborhoods

A one-size fits all approach to housing options has made home buying unattainable for most first home buyers. Higher densities, smaller building footprints, and shared communal spaces allow the price of these cottages to be below other single-family homes. Not only are these cottages a attainable starter home, but they also provide an option for empty-nesters, or as an alternative to larger multigenerational housing units. 

For many residents, exterior maintenance could be overwhelming and serve as an undesirable time commitment. The landscape at the cottages consists of large, diverse swaths of native and adaptive plants along the critical edges of this pocket neighborhood. This landscape-language helps unify the exteriors visually, while being ecologically conscious with water and maintenance demands traditionally lower than conventional landscapes. At Indigo, these landscapes will be managed and maintained by the HOA providing residents a piece of mind and visual consistency. 

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