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Our Team

CultivateLAND is seeking a creative, collaborative, and motivated landscape professionals who are looking for a unique opportunity.  At CultivateLAND, we invest in you by creating a cultivated career that is authentic, courageous, and full of growth opportunities.


Who We Are Looking For...

We are less interested in how things have been done in the past, but rather how we can create a healthier, more sustainable future for our communities and environment. The most successful candidates are natural leaders that are future-focused, curious, value high-quality built projects, and are committed to working with others to build a brighter future.

Cultivating Office Culture


Be Authentic

We value your point of view, skills, and potential. Be comfortable expressing yourself throughout all phases of the design process. The strongest applicants will be passionate and confident about construction documentation and construction phase services. Do you know how to creatively work through a construction set and bring it to life?


Be Curious

Think outside the box, ask hard questions, and develop innovative solutions. Having the desire to learn how to integrate sustainable and regenerative design practices into projects will make you stand out. Are there better solutions to the challenges we face today?


Be Courageous

We dare you to lead, inspire, and to make impact through your innovative project management style. We believe in a culture of leadership where leaders create more leaders. We build confidence, meaningful relationships, and high-quality projects. Are you courageous enough to lead and mentor others?


Be Collaborative

We value your point of view and everyone else’s too. We collaborate with our clients, design team, and community to ask hard questions, and to develop well thought-out solutions. Are you collaborative individual that confidently expresses your ideas graphically and can you lead an engaging meeting?


Be Balanced

We believe in balance for health. Whether it is an ecosystem or lifestyle, balance encourages peak performance and health. During the workday, lets work hard, work smart, and have some fun. When pencils are down, lets also make time for ourselves; mentally, emotionally, and physically. Are you able to or excited about building a balanced life by prioritizing and effectively managing your time?

Current Career Opportunites

Landscape Intern:

We are looking for a Summer Intern that is excited to get real world experience working with the CultivateLAND team and collaborators.  This will be a unique, fast-paced, and comprehensive internship that will set you up for a successful professional career while in school and upon graduation.

Desired Experience + Skillset:

0-2 years professional experience.

Collaborative, eager to learn, and excited to make positive change.

Enrolled in a 4-year accredited landscape architecture undergraduate program (or similar).

Experience working in AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, SketchUp, and Lumion.

Posted 09.15.2023

Our Benefits: 

Competitive compensation, bonuses, and retirement savings plan.

Health, dental and vision insurance.

Paid time off.

Access to office gym and vegetable garden.

High potential for growth opportunities.


How to Apply: 

Please send resume to

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