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Austin Mahar

Landscape Designer

Austin's passion for landscape architecture transcends design by embodying a profound commitment to urban revitalization and ecological rejuvenation. With a keen focus on integrating ecological principles into his projects, he sees landscape architecture as an instrument for catalyzing positive transformations. He is dedicated to restoring damaged landscapes, invigorating public spaces, and infusing urban environments with vibrancy. His ethos is driven by relentless pursuit of sustainable and regenerative design practices, ensuring that every project leaves a legacy of environmental stewardship and community enhancement.


Having grown up in a military family, Austin's early years were marked by a collection of cultures and landscapes that instilled in him a deep-seated appreciation for diversity and a holistic worldview.

His academic journey at the University of Oregon provided fertile ground for his passion, allowing him to immerse himself in the intricacies of landscape architecture. Amidst the mountains and forests of the Willamette Valley, he not only honed his skills but also deepened his reverence for the environment. As he traversed the United States, Asia, and Europe, his love for the outdoors grew, solidifying his commitment to environmental stewardship. Equipped with a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, Austin embarked on a career in contemporary landscape design, driven by a dedication to pioneering innovative solutions for urban and ecological challenges.


In his professional pursuits, Austin remains steadfast in his mission to push the boundaries of landscape architecture. Whether it's designing sustainable urban parks, revitalizing neglected landscapes, or spearheading community-driven projects, he tirelessly works towards creating spaces that not only enrich lives but also regenerate the natural world.

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