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Joshua Driscoll

Senior Associate | Construction Manager

Joshua is a detail-driven project manager committed to the creation of enduring, healthy, and meaningful constructed projects that serve both clients and the broader community. His professional expertise centers on precise construction documentation, rigorous quality control, and seamless field operations, ensuring every facet of a project is executed with foresight and precision.

With over 15 years in design, project management, and field observation, Joshua brings a wealth of experience to the dynamic team at CultivateLAND. His professional journey has encompassed a diverse range of projects, from planned communities and multifamily developments to the intricacies of podium construction and sustainable landscapes. These experiences have honed his mastery of the built environment, enabling him to implement process-driven solutions that lead to efficient, high-quality construction projects.  At CultivateLAND, Joshua leverages his passions and expertise in the pursuit of crafting healthier, more dynamic spaces for people to thrive.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Joshua finds solace in immersing himself in the natural world, exploring parks, camping, and trekking trails alongside his children. As a dedicated Harley Davidson enthusiast, he spends weekends traversing the scenic Texas coast and countryside.

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