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Newfield Farm

Martin County, Florida


Situated in the heart of Martin County, Florida, Newfield is a community visionary development that blends the area's rich agricultural history with modern sustainable living. Spanning over 4,000 acres, Newfield is set to become the largest mixed-use project in the county in more than four decades. The land comprising Newfield has a storied past, with portions of it being utilized for farming for the past 37 years. Owned by the Kiplinger family for over four decades, the property has been a part of the Martin County landscape, maintaining its natural beauty with wetlands, untouched upland areas, and a history steeped in Florida's heritage of rural farming and railroad towns developed prior to the 1920s. Knight Kiplinger, an economic journalist, introduced the idea for the Newfield Farm community, which received overwhelming support from the local community and was approved by the county commission in 2020.

Project Stats

Project Size:  

Phase IA: 1.5 Acres

Phase IB: 3.75 Acres

Project Type: 

Mixed Use


Suburban Agriculture

Project Scope:

Conceptual Design

Through Construction 


Mattamy Homes, USA

Collaborators : 

505 Architects


Creative Machines

Fieldstone A&E



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Walkability +

Newfield's commitment to preserving the environment is evident in its design, with over 70% of the 2,300-plus acres dedicated to open space. This includes a 150-acre working farm, wooded hiking, biking, and equestrian trails, wetlands, lakes, and a gopher tortoise preserve, the first of its kind in Martin County. The development aims to protect and showcase the area's natural beauty, including ancient oaks, pines, saw palmettos, and cabbage palms.

Newfield's design prioritizes walkability and community engagement, with rear-access garages and driveways, front porches encouraging neighborly interaction, and alley access driveways creating safe spaces for children to play. The development's downtown area will feature a mix of retail, dining, and recreational amenities, fostering a vibrant, small-town atmosphere.

With an extensive trail system planned, Newfield aims to connect residents to nature and each other, offering opportunities for walking, hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. The development is designed to create strong social networks and a sense of community among residents, all while protecting and preserving the natural environment for future generations.

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Forward Thinking Community Design

Central to Newfield's vision, Pioneer Square and the sustainable community farm greet visitors at the community's entrance along Citrus Boulevard, embodying the essence of this forward-thinking community. Spanning 5 ½ acres, Pioneer Square and the initial phase of agriculture comprise a farm retail building, farm operations barn, stage, event lawn, and a diverse range of agriculture offerings. Adjacent to the event lawn, a mixed-use building with a food and beverage anchor tenant complements the dynamic courtyards, creating a vibrant community that promotes mental, physical, and social well-being. The showcase garden, featuring raised vegetable beds, inground plots, and passive food forests, highlights just a few of the numerous agricultural elements available to residents. The farm operations building not only supports the on-site farm staff and their daily activities but also serves as a communal gathering space.

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Across the street, the farm club and production farm invite residents and the broader community to actively engage in gardening, offering rentable raised beds and farm plots. A modern farm shed and a 50’ greenhouse provide additional gathering spaces and educational opportunities, further enriching the community experience. Managed by Agmenity, the production farm yields fruits, vegetables, and herbs for the Farm Retail building, ensuring a sustainable and health-focused amenity that will benefit the community for generations.

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Join The Farm Club

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