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The Plant

Houston, Texas [Greater East End]


The Plant, located on the corner Sampson Street and Harrisburg Boulevard is Concept Neighborhood’s first project in the neighborhood. It is an ambitious, mixed-use urban redevelopment that includes hyper-local retail tenants, patios, and public realm improvements. Many of the current tenants, like owners of Louies, live in the neighborhood and have created new concepts tailored to meet the needs of the existing community. Although it is the first project for the greater development, it will not the only offering. Existing industrial buildings could become the home of local retailers, creative workshops, restaurants, creative offices, and other small businesses. 

"How can leveraging existing site context allow for denser, more well-connected, and accessible community?"

Project Stats

Project Size:  

1 Acre

Project Type: 

Urban Redevelopment

Project Scope:

Schematic Design

Through Construction 


Concept Neighborhood


ULI Development of Distinction

For Profit, Small  Scale - 2023

The Plant-Sampson Patio.jpg
The Plant -Louies Patio.jpg
The Plant - Shops3.jpg
The Plant-Sampson.jpg


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