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23rd & Lawrence

Houston, Texas


Embrace the essence of urban living in Houston's historic Heights neighborhood at 23rd and Lawrence. This mid-rise high-end multifamily apartment project seamlessly blends contemporary luxury with a deep respect for the neighborhood's rich history, offering tenants an authentic and vibrant living experience.

Project Stats

Project Size:  

2.00 Acres

Project Type: 

Mixed Use


On Structure


Urban Redevelopment

Project Scope:

Schematic Design

Through Construction 


Asana Partners

Radom Capital

Collaborators : 

Cobalt Office

Farouki Farouki


23rd and Lawrence

The Heights is renowned for its diverse traditional architecture and neighborhood design that encourages walkability, local retail, and a charming atmosphere. 23rd and Lawrence embraces this ethos, celebrating the neighborhood's diversity through meticulous attention to detail in its streetscape and exterior amenities. The ground level of the building is a hub of activity, featuring an inviting entry lobby, a sophisticated speak-easy bar, and a collection of live/work units that add a dynamic element to the streetscape. On the 3rd floor, residents are treated to a private oasis that seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor spaces. The pool deck courtyard offers stunning views of the downtown skyline, providing the perfect backdrop for socializing, relaxing, and enjoying meals prepared in the outdoor kitchen.

CBO2315_23 Lawrence_Schematics 01.jpg
CBO2315 - 23 Lawrence 11.jpg
CBO2315 - 23 Lawrence 10.jpg
CBO2315 - 23 Lawrence 12.jpg
CBO2315 - 23 Lawrence 14.jpg

23rd and Lawrence

Inside, residents have access to a game room, co-working area, and fitness center, all designed to foster a sense of community and well-being. The fitness deck extends the interior fitness facility outdoors, offering a vast fitness lawn, outdoor workstations, and cozy lounge spaces. At 23rd and Lawrence, every detail has been carefully considered to create a unique and enriching experience for residents. Whether exploring the building's indoor and outdoor amenities or immersing oneself in the vibrant neighborhood, residents will find joy in the sense of discovery that defines life at 23rd and Lawrence.

CBO2315_23 Lawrence_Schematics 05.jpg
CBO2315 - 23 Lawrence 09.jpg
CBO2315 - 23 Lawrence 03.jpg
CBO2315 - 23 Lawrence 08.jpg

Project Goals

  • Project goals coming soon.

CBO2315 - 23 Lawrence 18.jpg
CBO2315 - 23 Lawrence 17.jpg
CBO2315 - 23 Lawrence 16.jpg


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