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District West

Houston, Texas


Nestled west of downtown Houston, District West is a testament to urban renewal, repurposing warehouse buildings into a vibrant community hub. As Spring Branch emerges as a sought-after neighborhood, our client group recognized the opportunity to transform these structures into a destination that caters to the area's evolving needs. By repurposing existing infrastructure and leveraging adjacent amenities such as restaurants, bike paths, and a nearby urban park, Spring Branch Mixed-Use seamlessly integrates into the fabric of the neighborhood.

Project Stats

Project Size:  

4.00 Acres

Project Type: 

Mixed Use

Urban Redevelopment

Project Scope:

Schematic Design

Through Construction 



Radom Capital

Collaborators : 



Michael Hsu Office of Architecture


The renovated buildings now house a variety of dining options, a fitness concept, creative offices, and a café, offering a blend of experiences for visitors. A new urban greenspace adds to the charm, providing a venue for outdoor dining and community events. This project not only has the opportunity to revitalize underutilized urban property, but also created a walkable and bikeable destination that promotes mental, physical, and social well-being. District West is more than just a development; it is a catalyst for neighborhood transformation, offering a place where families can gather, connect, and thrive.

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Newfield Farm: Farm Club

Project summary coming soon.

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Project Goals

  • Project goals coming soon.

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